Somewhat strange, sensitive coffee addict, with a special liking regarding books(Pratchett, Eliade, Preda, Shakespeare), metal(Magica, Rage, old Nightwish,etc) and computer games(from rpg to shooters, name it). Blue-eyed, tad spoiled little brat searching for her space between classical and Victorian age. Into mythology, cats, fantasy and lucid dreaming. Having a personal preference for lace, bitter chocolate and the color blue. Incurable idealist with fixed issues. Loves a fine sense of humor. And jewelry. Part time opheliac. Most time day dreamer.



  1. Who isn’t a day dreamer? Old Nightwish is awesome (White Night Fantasy). If you’re down with Earthbound than you are straight ballin.

  2. Lasă-te de grafică, centrează-te pe fotografie şi condensează mai mult ceea ce scrii.

    • De grafica nu ma pot “lasa” pentru este ceva ce fac atunci cand simt nevoia. Ca si toate celelalte. Fotografia, din unele puncte de vedere, este mult mai “la indemana”, dar nu am de gand sa las vreunul din hobby-urile mele numai din cauza unor asemenea motive.

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