December 6, 2008

The hollow sound of my heels resonated like an echo while I was walking along the deserted streets. It was an hour of dead silence, of emptiness. Of haunting.

Tall fences surrounded the area and a locked gate kept me from getting in. I could see toy houses, bright colours, covered by rust and decay. There was fog, all around. Thick, humid fog, spreading like smoke, all around my eyesight. Looked like hell releasing it’s steam. The midnight possession, searching for it’s victims.

Heavy drops of water keep falling from trees, occasionally hitting your head, sending icy shivers down your spine, like the mistakes you keep repeating, hoping that once just once lady Fate will smile upon you. Fate is no lady and her crooked smile doesn’t show anything good to come.

As your feet start to freeze you know there is no return and are too afraid of the dark to do anything: run, hide, look for someone that is looking for you, scream their name before darkness swallows you.

All in all, it looks like a nightmare. It smells like rust. It feels like death. And as your flesh starts to ache, you wonder, where the hell was that wrong turn you took?


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