Bring me roses

June 2, 2008

Bring my pearls down by the river
To dress my neck in precious wear
The water’s cold, but a mere detail
Compared to what I had to bare

Bring my gloves, but in a hurry
Blue nails can brake so easily
Lace is such a lovely cover
And hide the things you should not see

Bring my poems, they were burried
Beneath our hidden willow tree
They musn’t be revealed to any
Before they are first known by thee

Bring black cherries, how I love them
No other taste, than bittersweet
Is what I choose to have, forever
On lips which will soon sink beneath

Bring me roses by the river
I used to love their scent, so sweet
Leave their thorns, for I need plenty
Around my heart, ‘till its last beat.




  1. imi aminteste un pic de “mai am un singur dor”…i like it very much 😀

  2. multzumesc frumos. Nu se compara nici pe departe, insa ma bucura faptu ca poate aduce aminte de opera 🙂

  3. Mie-mi aduce puternic a Richard Marx-Hazard. Chiar m-am jucat un pic, mai devreme, punîndu-i cîteva acorduri. 🙂

  4. Nu cunosc, but I’ll look it up, thanks 🙂

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